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What's it all about?

image Using 'PayMyWindowCleaner' to receive payments online makes the whole payment process much easier for both parties, professional money handling with email notifications and advertising opportunities.

image Your customers can pay you securely anytime (maybe even from their mobile phone) using a credit or debit card - even if they don't use online banking.

image When you join us we will send you all the instructions you need to set up a payment account and ask you for a few more details. We never handle your money or have any contact with your customers.

image We will provide you with a unique code that your customers will use to identify you when they visit the site to pay you (they don't logon - they just need your code).

image Your own personal page will then pop up with some details about you and what you do. Some use this space to promote different aspects of their business.

image The customer will then enter their details and the amount they wish to pay and will be directly transferred to a secure payment page where they can complete the payment.

image You will then both be sent email notification creating a record that payment has been made. Easy!
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  • Save time and money collecting payments
  • No software to install - it's all online
  • Personalise your own payment page
  • No setup fees - just a small monthly fee
  • Exciting new features coming soon