Developed for Window Cleaners by Window Cleaners

Originally developed for our own use, PayMyWindowCleaner allows Window Cleaners to accept online payments securely, simply and quickly.

For a small monthly fee you can join the rapidly expanding PayMyWindowsCleaner community and have your own instant payment gateway.

PayMyWindowCleaner is specifically designed with your customer in mind, making it more convenient for them to pay you on time, hassle free. This gives you more satisfied customers and greater convenience for you, reducing the time you spend chasing payments.

Five reasons why Pay My Window Cleaner payments increase profitability:

  • Growth – open additional payment channels via the Internet and increase your customer base. More customers mean more revenue.
  • Convenience – removing administrative resources required by invoices, cheques and cash
  • Immediacy – credit/debit cards enable instant payments (without delay)
  • Improved cash flow – payment at the time of purchase reduces the pressures caused by cheques and invoicing
  • Competitive advantage – match and beat the services of your competitors and gain the edge